Our Experience

The Golden Label’s mission is to restore the faith in credit repair AND financial development as a whole. We began as a financial services company in 2011, earning a reputation people could trust to develop their finances. As word spread about us, we extended our business to more services such as, Credit Repair.

We introduced a new process that provided access to credit repair insights, platforms and solutions that changed lives. Ever since then, we have evolved into a full service financial development company and continue to pride ourselves in becoming one of nation’s most reputable credit repair companies.

Today, we follow a balanced approach to credit repair though our broad footprint and continue to innovate and optimize the credit well-being of our clients.

We want to see you get the “golden stamp of approval” when its comes to your credit.

Our Core Values


We communicate our company mission and culture without fluff nor sugarcoating.

Pay it forward

We share clear insights and wisdom from having years of experience in credit repair.

Work hard

We put 100% effort into each of our clients to help them achieve their goals.


Our approach challenges and adjusts to the trends to better build your credit.

A few more things we’re great at

Credit Repair is just the beginning, we continue to help hundreds of individuals and families achieve and sustain their financial goals through our Financial Training, our Real Estate Development, as well as our Business Development Platform. With each new client, one thing has remained constant: our dedication to getting to know our clients. Then we combine that with our extensive knowledge in financial planning to become fellow partners — that’s what drives success.

Financial Coaching

Having a great credit score is just the start, but having a solid plan to build your finances is even better. Our coaches will navigate you and give you a clear to reach all of your financial goals.

Real Estate Development

One of the first things people plan to do after they build their credit is purchase a home. We have a residential redevelopment program that assists families in buying, selling, rehabbing and renovating homes. We even assist first time home buyers. 

Business Services

Our business services program hle[s businesses build their business from the ground up. We help with filing LLCs, building business credit, and websites. We guide you every step of the way to get your business off the ground.